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(Nov 28, 2013)
Happy Thanksgiving, 'coats! Gobble gobble!
(Nov 19, 2013)
I played Myst & Riven, Liralin. Never got around to the 3rd one though.
(Nov 17, 2013)
Sa,e ol Same ol, How the heck have you been?
(Nov 17, 2013)
What's new boogaloos?
(Nov 13, 2013)
(Nov 12, 2013)
I resubbed for a while. Hi, guys.
(Nov 12, 2013)
Any of you play Myst? They are trying to fund a new game:
(Nov 12, 2013)
Gratz Krax!
(Nov 12, 2013)
Got my name back in game! Woo!
(Nov 03, 2013)
Chuck! New STO stuff coming on the 12th or anyone else :}
(Oct 31, 2013)
Thanks Rusty
(Oct 30, 2013)
Serenity is Up
(Oct 28, 2013)
Thanks for the heads up Kairah. I'm at work right now, but I'll look into it when I get a chance.
(Oct 25, 2013)
Heya Rusty, it looks like Serenity took a dive and Serendipty's record stands
(Sep 28, 2013)
CHUCK!!!!!! The Crystalline Cataclysm Event is back!!!!!!
(Sep 12, 2013)
A new game that may be fun.
(Aug 27, 2013)
thanks Kairah
(Aug 27, 2013)
It's used whenever we've got a guild activity going. Usually a few nights a week after 7PM EST. The last big use would have been last Fri for dark side night