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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 24, 2013)
Greatest dance in this game. It has both the male and female version.
(Aug 19, 2013)
Hey guys, just FYI that my availability in-game is limited Monday and Tuesday this week; will keep an eye on the site.
(Aug 14, 2013)
So they seem to have fixed the "drop" rate on the shadey customers, so its not as bad as I thought. Except for on Hutta and Ord mantel, zoinks!
(Aug 09, 2013)
Gots mself a tawn tanwn for JMDette
(Jul 22, 2013)
Squee! I want a Taun Taun!
(Jul 21, 2013)
Server Transfers are now available!
(Jul 20, 2013)
For anyone still interested in WildStar: psychotic engineering rodents and space-fantasy undead!:
(Jul 14, 2013)
Only cuz it takes two hands to get a grip ... whereas beheadings take a two sabers in a dexterous scissor move!
(Jul 11, 2013)
Agreed, Lir; the discerning hackyslasher prefers the doublesaber.
(Jul 11, 2013)
Darth Maul is Awesome!
(Jul 11, 2013)
Some fun links -
(Jun 26, 2013)
With the 2.2.1 companion update, if you send your active companion out on a mission/crafting, then jump off your speeder, it cancels that mission/crafting.
(Jun 12, 2013)
And.......Server transfers delayed again.
(Jun 08, 2013)
Congratulations Strat!
(May 30, 2013)
TS is up. Sorry about the delay. Please note the new IP address:
(May 29, 2013)
I hadn't heard anything until last night. My shift ends in 30 minutes, if I'm awake enough to remember when I get home I'll take a look at it.
(May 28, 2013)
We've been falling back on the server Nitramen lent us, but yeah, Serendipity has been out.