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As with the Eternity Vault guide, please let me know if you have any suggestions or spot any mistakes.

1st Boss: Bonethrasher

  • Do not stand in front of the boss AT ALL. Even his sides will catch some cleave.
  • When NOT being targeted, running between his legs is the fastest way to get behind him.
  • Stay away from the edge. He has AOE and single target knockbacks.
  • THere is no threat table. He targets randomly, or on a timer.
  • When you are the target, kite him around, even if you are melee. Resume your rotation only once he targets someone else.
  • Guards spawn at the edge of the circle. Ranged DPS burn them down quickly. They buff the boss if he eats them.
  • Mutant cats drop from the ceiling once during the fight. Drop them quickly.

2nd Boss: Jarg and Sorno

  • All ranged DPS on Jarg, all Melee DPS on Sorno.
  • Stay away from Jarg due to nasty AOEs.
  • When Sorno CCs the tank (or whomever has top threat), the Off-tank should taunt him away until the CC wears off.
  • Interrupt Sorno's heal every time.
  • Stay out of the targets on the ground during Sorno's "Death from Above" phase.
  • IMPORTANT: Kill both bosses as close together as possible. The one left standing frenzies and enrages! This fight calls for micromanaging DPS at times.

3rd Boss: Foreman Crusher

  • Kill the adds quickly. No need to tank them.
  • Move out of red targets on the ground IMMEDIATELY. (There's only a 3-second opportunity before a boulder falls on your head)
  • When the boss is about to "frenzy" (red emote on the screen), shield the tank, and be prepared to chain-heal through it. Tank can pop survivability CDs to mitigate this damage. Do not kite the boss, as he can't be taunted during his frenzy, and only a tank can survive it (even with mega heals).
  • Boss drops aggro after this, and knocks the tank away. Off-tank can taunt him off temporarily.

4th Boss: G4-BC Heavy Fabricator

Solving Team
  • Consists of one healer and one ranged DPS (Or 2 ranged DPS with self-heals if the ground team is struggling with heals).
  • The main goal is "solving" the puzzle so as to alternate between the left and right furnaces. (See "Terminal Sequence").
  • Proximity droids will spawn periodically. Either destroy them traditionally or "pop" them by running into them (Get shielded first). They can also be knocked back.
  • After activating the RIGHT furnace, the ranged DPS runs onto the right platform and helps burn down the boss for the duration of the debuff.
  • During this time, the healer should Drop an AOE heal on the Ground Team and resume solving.
Ground Team:
  • Consists of everyone not designated as solvers. Needs to include both tanks and at least the main healer.
  • The tank will receive armor debuffs through the course of the fight. Once it becomes a problem, swap tanks until the debuff drops off.
  • When droids spawn (about 20-30 seconds after a furnace is used), 1 melee DPS should burn through the three stun droids ASAP, and the off-tank should get shielded and pop the three proximity droids closest to the boss's path. Wait for the DOT to expire (and heals to be given) in between prox droids.
  • When the Solving Team is ready to burn, and the boss is in place, everyone including the tank steps off of the conveyor belt or takes major damage.
Terminal Sequence:
(Only applies to Solving Team)
From starting position
  • M - R - L - R - BURN
  • Healer AOE heals group, DPS hits the boss from the right platform.
  • R - L - R - M - L - M - R - L - M - R - M - L - R - L - BURN
  • Immediately begin solving for the right furnace.
  • L - R - L - M - R - M - L - R - M - L - M - R - L - R - BURN
  • TIP: Don't try to memorize the patterns. Consider that you will never use the right or left terminal twice in a row, so as long as you remember which one was just used, there is a much easier pattern to remember, and it works whether you're moving left to right OR right to left:
  • 1 2 3 - M - 1 - M - 1 2 - M (Then reverse) 1 2 - M - 1 - M - 1 2 3 - BURN
Here is a helpful animation to illustrate the mechanics, though we will not be using the middle column at all.

Final Boss: Karagga the Unyielding

  • Tank should walk Karagga in a snaking path around the arena to help manage the permanent fire AOEs that he drops.
  • IMPORTANT: Stay out of the fire and out from behind the boss!
  • Melee should try to spread out a bit on either side of him. Don't group up.
  • During the "Drilling" attack, pop survivability cooldowns if not at full health. Also, healers should be on-the-ready, as it targets random players for 4k+ during the channeling.
  • When one player (sometimes 2 if not spread out) is caught in the white beam, he/she will be rooted, and a cloudy, purple AOE is placed on them. Everyone will be pulled towards it, so run away ASAP (Preferably to the main healer for AOE heals). Get back in position quickly.
  • When mouse droids start spawning, think of them as heat-seeking grenades. AOE them down very quickly.
  • There is also a missile attack that targets everyone. It can be out-ranged, but don't run from it unless you are low on health.
  • IMPORTANT: This is a very, VERY healing-intensive battle already. The fire patches and mouse droids are totally avoidable, so please avoid them!
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Having been out of the loop for a while with college work and the flu, I have not had a chance to run Karagga. Thus I was wondering if you had any links to videos of the boss fights like the ones you provided for the Eternity Vault Bosses? I found the last set to be quite helpful in prepping for the EV run.
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