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[Pinned] Character Transfers (finally!)

Who still has characters on The Shadowlands or any other server that will need a guild invitation to HoB or BC?I have transferred my Juggernaut and Powertech; I'm not sure what their names will be on JC server yet.
Small Rusty Diodes 4y
Rusty Diodes1521Small Rusty Diodes 4y
Rules & Announcements

TS Server

Heya Coats,We've got a new TS server for both ToR and WildStar members. It's still being configured, but we've got 15 slots so we should be able to run stuff with no worries for now.Server info: Address: password for now. if it...
Small Kairah 3y
Kairah2821Small Stratarchis 3y
Rules & Announcements

Progression is not a 4 letter word

We're a casual guild and we approach operations casually. That won't change. However it's clear that there are a good number of people that want to roll through the hard/nightmare mode content. We haven't really had a good chance to do that lat...
Small Kairah 4y
Kairah111559Small Krax 4y
Rules & Announcements

Membership & Leadership

Membership will be changed in game AND on the website after the following levels of inactivity:1 month: Officers will become Active Members.3 months: Active Members will become Reserve Members.6 months: Reserve Members will become Inactive Members...
Small Rusty Diodes 5y
Rusty Diodes1469Small Rusty Diodes 5y
Rules & Announcements

(GW2)Switching Servers (PLEASE READ! AND VOTE!)

This has been a long time debate. Now I feel the need to bring it up. We have a lot of statistics to back up this discussion. This is such a big one that I want to be sure everyone is okay with it. The big reason for wanting to switch is we cannot...
Member avatar small Lillica 5y
Lillica193247Member avatar small Lillica 5y
Rules & Announcements

Transferring to Gates of Madness(GW2)

We are going to start transferring over to Gates of Madness. I did say that we would have a two day vote. In that time I had sent a massive message on the site, also sent it in game to each person, spammed it repeatedly in guild chat, and tried wh...
Member avatar small Lillica 5y
Lillica51451Member avatar small Lillica 5y
Rules & Announcements

HoB on KV

Hands of Blue is up and running on Keller's Void now!!!If you have an imperial character you want to get invited track down Lilica (Nederissa), Korso (Lyandra), Alora (Meca), or Murphy (Tasha) for an invite. Check imp side, rep side, or TS.
Small Murphy 6y
Murphy2631Small DanRocco 6y
Rules & Announcements

Shiny New Guild Bank!

Rusty has now purchased the first guild bank tab with donations from Breckenridge, Chuckborg, Derrial, Puma, and myself. The second tab was purchased, largely due to help from Miz.For now we only have 1 rule for the guild bank. Do NOT deposit gr...
Small Murphy 6y
Murphy41230Small Rusty Diodes 6y
Rules & Announcements

Server Assignments

Brown Coats -- Keller's VoidHands of Blue -- Crevasse City4 of our allies were placed on Keller's Void with us:RedFivePrime DefenseGray WardensHyakki YakoOur alliance contains 3 of the top 5 Republic guilds on the server, including RedFive in th...
Small Rusty Diodes 6y
Rusty Diodes244002Small Krax 6y
Rules & Announcements

Brown Coats Courtesy

Everyone who has been a member of this guild for any length of time knows that I usually leave the rule making to our fearless leader Rusty, however, this topic is one that I am particularly sensitive about.Recently, Rusty and I received a complai...
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SwampLilly1675Member avatar small SwampLilly 6y
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