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Rusty Diodes

Rank: Captain
Online: 2 years ago
Joined: Dec 07, 2011
CharacterSpeciesClassAdvanced Class
Out AmperiousSith PurebloodSith InquisitorSorcerer
Out Kobb of CantonRattatakiBounty HunterPowertech
Out Kodor IroncladZabrakSith WarriorJuggernaut
Out Leiful StoneHumanTrooperVanguard
Out MortalonSith PurebloodSith InquisitorAssassin
Out NimbralTwi'lekJedi KnightGuardian
Out Otto KannenMirialanTrooperCommando
Out ReilzChissImperial AgentSniper
Out Rowlan StoneMiralukaJedi ConsularShadow
Out Rusty DiodesCyborgSmugglerScoundrel