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Miz / Nov 09, 2017
United Forces is now live! With this update we’ve united players on five new servers, expanding your connection to our galactic-sized community. This allows players to discover new Guilds, new friends, and jump into multiplayer content more easily.

We are on Star Forge now.
Miz / May 03, 2017

In honor of the upcoming May the 4th Star Wars™ holiday, we are pleased to unveil the world premiere of the ‘Build Your Legacy’ trailer! Follow the link above and be one of the first to see the action-packed new trailer, and celebrate this Star Wars Day with the ultimate galactic adventure. Defend your allies. Conquer your enemies. Join with friends to build your Star Wars legacy!

Plus, as a thank you to our players and in celebration of May the 4th, we are rewarding players for their epic support with the M4-Y6 Astromech Droid Mini-Pet!* Having survived even the harshest environments, the M4-Y6 Astromech Droid has faced countless adversities and come through the other side. Well-traveled and ever-reliable, this M4-Y6 Droid Mini-Pet carries every mark of his adventures and is always up for another challenge!

Log in by May 8th to qualify for your Astromech Droid, and get rewarded via in-game mail on May 9th!

In addition, jumpstart your Star Wars adventure with Double XP from May 4 through May 15! Earn double the Story and Legacy Experience!
Miz / Apr 27, 2016

Log in by May 4 to claim your Astromech Droid, and get rewarded via in-game mail on May 5!

Plus, catch up quick with two Double XP weekends – The first running May 3rd through May 10th, the second Double XP Weekend from May 27th through May 30th. Earn double the Story and Legacy Experience, as well as double the PvP Commendations and Starfighter Requisitions!

On top of that, we’re celebrating May the 4th and the latest Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion with an action-packed schedule of events and promotions running throughout May!

Story So Far Promotion: Play through the upcoming Chapter, ‘Profit and Plunder’, for your chance to receive collectible Zakuul-themed rewards. Five randomly-selected winners will be awarded with the Zakuul Knight Armor Set and Zakuul Dropship every five days, starting May 10th!
Eternal Championship Solo Speedrun: Fight your way through the new Eternal Championship challenge in the fastest time possible between May 3 – May 17. You could win a Grand Prize Trip for you and a guest to join our team in July at Star Wars™ Celebration Europe!
Show and Tell Your Saga: Share your videos and screenshots on Twitter using the hashtag #SWTORSagaSweepstakes, and we’ll send five randomly-selected winners Cartel Coin rewards every five days, starting May 10th!
Knights of the Fallen Empire Free** Trial: Be a part of the epic Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline and help turn the tide of the battle on the Eternal Empire – Subscribe to binge all of the episodic story so far! Activate your Free Trial by May 30 to gain a free Level 60 Character and instant access to Chapter 1: The Hunt!

Get ready to celebrate May the 4th, and – as always -- May the Force™ Be with You!
Stratarchis / Feb 10, 2016
So, for those who still lurk, and did likewise about a year ago--you may recall that I applied for the U.S. Foreign Service a while back (that's the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY corps--it doesn't really work like in Lethal Weapon, but it's still fun to say it in that guy's voice). Anyhooooo...

Well, your government, in its infinite wisdom, is disposed to hirin' me, it seems, which means at a time not too distant I shall be shipped hence to Washington to who-knows-where, with nothing but a black passport and a pocketful of dreams. As you'd expect, this will pretty much put paid to any notion of regular online gaming, even should I be somewhere that doesn't block the internet and isn't on UTC+75 time--not that I've been able to devote much time to SWtOR lately, anyway, what with the regular Usonian job and all. Indeed, SWtOR noted my absence last week and passed the cunning hat to Miz; perhaps BioWare has inside sources at State and was trying to send me a hint. Who indeed can say?

At any rate, while I'm not gone yet, I'm going to yield the flight yoke to Miz, who may then dispose of it as he may deem appropriate. I hope, whatever happens, that the 'Coats find their old vigor (or some funky new stuff) out there in the 'verse. I miss y'all! I'll still poke my head in whenever I can. Keep on flying, gang.

Miz / Oct 16, 2015
On October 31, I will be cleaning out the Grab Bag and Treasure Chest tabs of the guild bank and selling it for the guild.

For the love of Lucas, please feel free to take what you want, it's their for the taking.

Update: We made a grand total of 5,184,171 credits. There is still stuff in the bank, I'm just tired of reposting the items. :\

Stratarchis / Oct 04, 2015
Read about 'em here. Short version: zoinks. Longer version:

  • No more aim/strength/will/cunning, just "mastery" as a universal main stat
  • No more surge rating; crit now tells the whole story and increases both crit chance AND crit damage
  • Basic accuracy going from 90% to 100%, which one would think means not having to burn 750-odd stat points on ACC (huzzah!)
  • You now get leveled DOWN when visiting lower-level areas (you keep abilities, but stats and armor get proportionally nerfed), but you get XP appropriate to your adjusted level--meaning that pretty much any task, even going back to do stuff on Nar Shaddaa or whatever, will now pay off even for advanced toons. So if you missed stuff, it no longer has to stay missed.
  • All companions can fill any role (dmg/tank/heal), so if you want Risha along for witty banter, you no longer have to roll with two RDPS. Oh, and companion gear no longer affects their competence--it's all level--so their equipment is purely cosmetic and you don't have to waste time upgrading their kit once you find a look that suits them.

Should be an adventure!