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The universe is expanding!

Stratarchis / Jun 15, 2015
Probably due to dark energy or somesuch, according to the physicists.

Also, SWtOR is getting a big jump in just a few months with another increase in the level cap and, if I'm reading it right, those class-specific storylines that everybody's been clamoring for. Huzzah!



I'm so glad we get a week early if we sub. The new WWE Rastlin game comes out on the the 27th as well. 8)
Considering resubbing, if just for a while...

(Hi guys!)

*throws Pokéball at wild Bennin*
Bruce Campbell > all.
Also, I really like what they're doing here: linky

Short version: all flashpoints will be, essentially, accessible at any time; they make story-critical FPs (like Taral V) soloable and make the rest tactical so you don't get hung up for an hour waiting for a tank. Plus, they recalibrate your character to the level appropriate for the content, so you don't just ROFLstomp content you blew past while leveling. I think there are still some FPs I haven't played because I'm never the right level (of character or patience) for them.

No new ops, though, but it's not as if many of us have played all the ones out there, and they did make them more accessible (all ops set to level 65 but with bolsters for characters lvl 50-64 in story mode).

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