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Combat overhaul in KotFE

Stratarchis / Oct 04, 2015
Read about 'em here. Short version: zoinks. Longer version:

  • No more aim/strength/will/cunning, just "mastery" as a universal main stat
  • No more surge rating; crit now tells the whole story and increases both crit chance AND crit damage
  • Basic accuracy going from 90% to 100%, which one would think means not having to burn 750-odd stat points on ACC (huzzah!)
  • You now get leveled DOWN when visiting lower-level areas (you keep abilities, but stats and armor get proportionally nerfed), but you get XP appropriate to your adjusted level--meaning that pretty much any task, even going back to do stuff on Nar Shaddaa or whatever, will now pay off even for advanced toons. So if you missed stuff, it no longer has to stay missed.
  • All companions can fill any role (dmg/tank/heal), so if you want Risha along for witty banter, you no longer have to roll with two RDPS. Oh, and companion gear no longer affects their competence--it's all level--so their equipment is purely cosmetic and you don't have to waste time upgrading their kit once you find a look that suits them.

Should be an adventure!


I'm pretty much ok with all the changes. I do feel like a chump for acquiring y-4 companion gear on almost ALL my companions before I heard the news.

But I can dig it.

Here is a twitch link that has a lot of the info covered. NOW if you don't want part of chapter one spoiled skip to the 1:08 mark.
So the crafting info looks mildly horrible
So... Easy Mode for everyone, sounds like. Not sure I'm enthused.
Going back to lowbie zones and wrecking shop is half the fun of leveling up! How are we supposed to show off for noobs now?
You'll still be way more powerful than the NPCs. However, if you, let's say play with someone who is new to MMOs with your main character, you can play with them and still be extremely helpful and not screw up their XP. 8)

As far as showing off for noobs, just wave your "saber" at em.
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