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Come and get it!!!!!

Miz / Oct 16, 2015
On October 31, I will be cleaning out the Grab Bag and Treasure Chest tabs of the guild bank and selling it for the guild.

For the love of Lucas, please feel free to take what you want, it's their for the taking.

Update: We made a grand total of 5,184,171 credits. There is still stuff in the bank, I'm just tired of reposting the items. :\



I'm resubbing as of... 5 minutes ago. Still waiting for the small server's worth of updates I've missed. I'll be bringing my ladyfriend along with me. It'll be her first MMO.

Save some goodies for us!

Yeah the goods have been in the bank for A WHILE, so you guys are safe. Great to see ya coming back and bringing some new meat err blood err, you know what I mean.
What's the chances of getting an inviter online for our darkside toons?
online now, Road-Dogg. i'll be on for a while doing dailies.
Welcome and welcome back! Sorry to have been out-of-town with limited gaming time when you guys joined up, but I'll be around later this week.
Yes, over a year and a half and it was a 9 gig download. Jumped in briefly and it appears that some of my companions had their gear mailed to me. Took me a bit to figure out where it all came from. :P
Yeah, that was a 4.0 thing and it's a bit of a nightmare--half a dozen naked companions and a mailbox full of unsorted stuff. Whee! But at least comp gear stopped mattering. Affection matters big time, though.
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