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Al (Strat) (Tim, really) to be kicked out of country

Stratarchis / Feb 10, 2016
So, for those who still lurk, and did likewise about a year ago--you may recall that I applied for the U.S. Foreign Service a while back (that's the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY corps--it doesn't really work like in Lethal Weapon, but it's still fun to say it in that guy's voice). Anyhooooo...

Well, your government, in its infinite wisdom, is disposed to hirin' me, it seems, which means at a time not too distant I shall be shipped hence to Washington to who-knows-where, with nothing but a black passport and a pocketful of dreams. As you'd expect, this will pretty much put paid to any notion of regular online gaming, even should I be somewhere that doesn't block the internet and isn't on UTC+75 time--not that I've been able to devote much time to SWtOR lately, anyway, what with the regular Usonian job and all. Indeed, SWtOR noted my absence last week and passed the cunning hat to Miz; perhaps BioWare has inside sources at State and was trying to send me a hint. Who indeed can say?

At any rate, while I'm not gone yet, I'm going to yield the flight yoke to Miz, who may then dispose of it as he may deem appropriate. I hope, whatever happens, that the 'Coats find their old vigor (or some funky new stuff) out there in the 'verse. I miss y'all! I'll still poke my head in whenever I can. Keep on flying, gang.




Good stuff, one my favorite things about being in the Navy was the traveling. Hope they send you somewhere fun.
Murtaugh is definitely Powertech class with an overstacked accuracy attribute.
Congratulations on the new job Strat! You had a great run as the 2nd President of the United Coats of Brown (POTUC). I'm glad things are working out the way you wanted.

Miz- congratulations on your new job too! It might not pay as well as Strat's new job, but I'm sure you'll be a great POTUC #3.
If that's a salary demand, I'm not payin'.
No, it's a clue. And it has nothing to do with this:
Quick update: I find out where I'm going on Friday, May 6. Potential countries (several of which have more than one post on the list) include Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Belize, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Morocco, China, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, New Zealand, Russia, France, and many more. Wish me luck that I might get to go somewhere with plumbing (I don't ask for much but I do ask for that). Adventure awaits!
Extra update: Beijing!
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