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Lumion / Aug 04, 2015
Not sure if anyone ever played LOTRO. I was in beta and played for 2-3 years at the start and on and off several times since. I always thought it was well done. Hope this isn't the end, but it doesn't look good.

Greetings Citizens of Middle-Earth!

We are finally ready to reveal the details on the new World Transfer process, the consolidation of LOTRO's worlds, and their movement to a brand new data center. We appreciate your patience as we have worked to make the new transfer process as well-rounded, simple, and effortless as possible. The first part of this article will discuss our timeline and the second part will go over the details of the new transfer features themselves. So grab a goblet of Elvish Wine and kick back, because this will be a long one.

On August 3rd we will announce the worlds that will be impacted and the entire game will be brought down for a small patch which will send out an in-game email to all characters notifying them of the beginning of the World Closures and what that will entail along with a link back to this article and others to be released in the coming weeks. Additionally Character Creation on the worlds we are closing will be turned off at this time.

All characters on all worlds will receive a gift box as a thank you from us as a remembrance of the worlds we will be closing that hold so many fond memories for all of us. The Free Peoples' gift box will contain a Title Picker Box “Of <World> with choice of any of the 29 worlds, hooded and hoodless variants of a cloak, and a housing banner decoration. Monster Characters will receive the monster version of the Title Box “Bane of <World>” with choice of any of the 29 worlds.

The new Transfer Service will become available with this patch. You will be able to access it through the launcher at the World Selection screen after logging into your account. There will be a button that says “Transfer” underneath the “Play” button. Beginning August 3rd the service will be available for copying characters to the Bullroarer Test World. Free moves will begin later in August between the ten worlds (5 US and 5 EU) that will be remaining available after the end of this year. This is just the beginning of the process.

We will be monitoring the transfers between those worlds for a couple weeks and if all is going well, we will move on to the next step of the process which will be to turn off Auction Houses on the first two of the sunsetting worlds and allow characters, kinships and shared items on those worlds to move to the ten remaining worlds.

Once again we will monitor the moves and if all is going well we will move on to the next two worlds and so on until we feel comfortable with opening transfers off of all of the impacted worlds. The theme here is a slow and steady migration.

On October 1st, transfers between the remaining ten will once again become paid, however transfers off of the impacted worlds will remain free indefinitely.

After the start of the new year you will no longer be able to play on the impacted worlds. You will still be able to see the worlds, and the characters and shared account items will remain available for migration to a remaining world indefinitely.

As you can see, this is a monumental effort and we want to do it as correctly and painlessly as possible. We will be providing lists of the next worlds to be opened for transfer as we go along. We also have in-game mails that will go off when your world is ready so you will see it whether you check the site or the game for your updates. We will also be updating more precise timelines as we close in on each event and have a higher degree of accuracy.

Characters on all of these worlds will be saved and will be available to transfer to a remaining world for free, indefinitely.

We will begin the transfer process by opening the test world, Bullroarer, for character copy. We will then open transfers between the 10 remaining worlds. Then the worlds that are closing will be opened for transfer, a few at a time, in the order they are listed below. Please watch the website, forums, and launcher for announcements regarding timing. *Note: Brandywine will be unavailable for incoming transfers for a time until population and load can be re-evaluated on new hardware.*

The remaining worlds are Arkenstone, Crickhollow, Landroval, Gladden, and Brandywine for US players, and Belegaer, Gwaihir, Sirannon, Laurelin, and Evernight for EU players.
Stratarchis / Oct 06, 2014
See the whole spiel here. Launches on Dec. 9, early access Dec. 2 if you preorder, and for those who haven't maxed out all their existing toons a ginormous preorder + subscription incentive: 1200% bonus class mission (Makeb included) XP up to 55 until Dec. 1. Have to have preordered the expansion (20 bucks) and be subbed, but after meeting those criteria it's just a SPLOSION of zoomy leveling that awaits your pleasure.

Also we are just a shade over 11 million credits shy of building Serenity (i.e. our guild flagship), so if you're around intermittently and have a big cash stockpile that you feel like contributing, well, that'd be right neighborly of you. Right now picture-on-the-ship status goes to Khayleb, who pulled a drop-a-gold-eagle-in-the-Santa-kettle move in funding us to the tune of 10 million spacebucks!
Miz / May 31, 2014
Well it's official we have a WS chapter of the Browncoats on Thunderfoot server, all is right in the world. So I made another BC forum for us to use for Wildstar, the reason being is there are ALOT of people that haven't logged on in over a year and with potential new members that may look kinda rough. So the Wildstar BC page is you can use the same login information since it's the same site. Just need to apply to it and we'll get ya accepted. It's still a work in progress but we'll be shiny soon<tm>

Here is a list of some inviters: