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Stratarchis / Oct 06, 2014
See the whole spiel here. Launches on Dec. 9, early access Dec. 2 if you preorder, and for those who haven't maxed out all their existing toons a ginormous preorder + subscription incentive: 1200% bonus class mission (Makeb included) XP up to 55 until Dec. 1. Have to have preordered the expansion (20 bucks) and be subbed, but after meeting those criteria it's just a SPLOSION of zoomy leveling that awaits your pleasure.

Also we are just a shade over 11 million credits shy of building Serenity (i.e. our guild flagship), so if you're around intermittently and have a big cash stockpile that you feel like contributing, well, that'd be right neighborly of you. Right now picture-on-the-ship status goes to Khayleb, who pulled a drop-a-gold-eagle-in-the-Santa-kettle move in funding us to the tune of 10 million spacebucks!
Miz / May 31, 2014
Well it's official we have a WS chapter of the Browncoats on Thunderfoot server, all is right in the world. So I made another BC forum for us to use for Wildstar, the reason being is there are ALOT of people that haven't logged on in over a year and with potential new members that may look kinda rough. So the Wildstar BC page is you can use the same login information since it's the same site. Just need to apply to it and we'll get ya accepted. It's still a work in progress but we'll be shiny soon<tm>

Here is a list of some inviters:

Miz / May 10, 2014
For those of you that haven't heard me talk, on and on, about Wildstar 8) I've made lots of post with info on the game. We are currently deciding on what is the best direction for us to move forward. I will try and reserve the guild name Browncoats for us, should we choose to go in a group. From what I read once someone reserves the name, it will be for ALL servers until 90 days after launch, then they will be freed up for everyone else. I'm assuming that this means guild names as well.

If we choose to go in as a group we will be small at first, which isn't a bad thing, there's plenty to do for small guilds so we have that going for us, which is nice. Or we can find a big 'ol established guild to join and form a BC Circle, which is like a chat channel or one of those fancy friend and family phone things:D

To highlight the schedule open beta starts on May 8-18 go to the Wildstar website, make an account get a free key, download the game and giver 'er a try . Name registration is from May 13 (11am PDT) - 23 (11:59pm PDT) only 1 name and guild name per account and it will be reserved for 14 days. If you pre-order head start begins on the 31st and the game goes live one the 1st 3rd 8).

I would really like to hear your thoughts on the subject. We have plenty of time to decide.

The Countdown

*good catch Fhrost
Stratarchis / Feb 17, 2014

So, with a bunch of new features in our own SW:tOR either arrived or on the way, and perhaps another 'Coats-friendly game coming down the pipes (I can't recall the name, and Miz definitely hasn't heard anything about it, no sirree), I figure it's high time we looked to getting our ship properly fitted out once more.

"How shall we do that, Al/Strat/Boss?" I hear you cry. Well, I'm open to suggestions, but one plan is to make the invisible hand work for us--that is to say, membership drive! I haven't worked out the details (we'll be talking that over in the wardroom) but suffice it to say that 'Coats who contribute to the growth of the guild through recruitment and participation will be handsomely rewarded with various and sundry shiny loot. Not to spoil the surprise, but you might find the game a bit cheaper, more stylish, or both--or you might get a crack at a few cargo bays full of forbidden treasure (yo ho, yo ho, a space pirate's s'pirate's life for me!).

I'd wager there's a bunch of folks out there who'd be happy to jump aboard this bucket of bolts. Some might even bring strawberries. Let's find us some gorram strawberries, shall we?