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(Jun 23, 2015)
I ate'nt dead
(May 08, 2015)
Did someone say 12x XP? :D
(Apr 22, 2015)
[watches trailer, makes undignified screamy noise]
(Apr 20, 2015)
(Apr 16, 2015)
We're home!!!
(Mar 20, 2015)
Hahaha this is great. It's like the drunk history version of wrestling.
(Mar 19, 2015)
(Jan 23, 2015)
If anybody's been scared off by 3.0 lag issues, they've gotten a LOT better, FYI.
(Dec 02, 2014)
This made me laugh. So glad Jorge isn't making this one.
(Dec 01, 2014)
that was supposed to be a droid? all I saw was a soccer ball with a hat
(Nov 28, 2014)
Miz: I can see it now, EAWare salivating over the money they will rake in on the CM with the butt ugly saber and droid alone!!!! :}
(Nov 26, 2014)
All maxed except classic only 674. Well Duhhh :}, I know I need to buy stuff, but that's not the point. Basic comms aren't the be all end all of comms, why cap em so low after the conversion?
(Nov 26, 2014)
!!! How many dang comms did you have? Also... spend 'em before cashout day, amigo.
(Nov 26, 2014)
Thanks for the info Al. Sweet, I'll lose 1674 comms. As for EAWare, my friends in DX have two words for ya!!
(Nov 25, 2014)
Soooo... if you've been stockpiling comms: STOP.