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(Oct 29, 2014)
Did somebody say XPx12??? I'm in! Also, Miz's honest trailers are awesome.
(Oct 20, 2014)
Sup sup
(Oct 19, 2014)
Sup coats?
(Oct 04, 2014)
Lilly! Come back and see us sometime (just like I will once work lets me have more than 30 consecutive minutes off...)!
(Oct 01, 2014)
Hope all is well
(Oct 01, 2014)
(Oct 01, 2014)
Shout out to my
(Sep 26, 2014)
Hi Lilli!
(Sep 19, 2014)
Just wanted to drop in and say hi and that i miss you all
(Sep 09, 2014)
Bounties are back this week, if'n you want to collect some frozen doodz...
(Aug 29, 2014)
Of course he does; he's Canadian.
(Aug 29, 2014)
I don't think he speaks Chinese out of character...
(Aug 28, 2014)
Cool, tell him we said "你好“
(Aug 27, 2014)
Headed to FanExpo Canada tomorrow to meet Nathan Fillion!
(Jul 30, 2014)
Trying to get to their website and getting a cert error. :(