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(Sep 28, 2013)
CHUCK!!!!!! The Crystalline Cataclysm Event is back!!!!!!
(Sep 12, 2013)
A new game that may be fun.
(Aug 27, 2013)
thanks Kairah
(Aug 27, 2013)
It's used whenever we've got a guild activity going. Usually a few nights a week after 7PM EST. The last big use would have been last Fri for dark side night
(Aug 27, 2013)
What days & times are the TS server being used each week? It doesn't seem to have any functional activity log as far as I can tell.
(Aug 24, 2013)
Greatest dance in this game. It has both the male and female version.
(Aug 19, 2013)
Hey guys, just FYI that my availability in-game is limited Monday and Tuesday this week; will keep an eye on the site.
(Aug 14, 2013)
So they seem to have fixed the "drop" rate on the shadey customers, so its not as bad as I thought. Except for on Hutta and Ord mantel, zoinks!
(Aug 09, 2013)
Gots mself a tawn tanwn for JMDette
(Jul 22, 2013)
Squee! I want a Taun Taun!
(Jul 21, 2013)
Server Transfers are now available!
(Jul 20, 2013)
For anyone still interested in WildStar: psychotic engineering rodents and space-fantasy undead!:
(Jul 14, 2013)
Only cuz it takes two hands to get a grip ... whereas beheadings take a two sabers in a dexterous scissor move!
(Jul 11, 2013)
Agreed, Lir; the discerning hackyslasher prefers the doublesaber.
(Jul 11, 2013)
Darth Maul is Awesome!
(Jul 11, 2013)
Some fun links -
(Jun 26, 2013)
With the 2.2.1 companion update, if you send your active companion out on a mission/crafting, then jump off your speeder, it cancels that mission/crafting.